echoes of my ancestors

i. i fell into a waking dream and found myself

on a barren shore just over the calm water of an opague emerald sea

seven frameless windows suspended in mid-air presented themselves to me

ii. venturing further into this trance

a single whispered voice now called out from the other side of each pane

the same voice though reciting different lines of a saga i had not heard yet

iii. transformed now the voice became that of an unhurried young woman

my mother perhaps from a time before me

come here she said josef come here

iv. stretching out i touched the surface of the window second from the left

it began to glow and flicker like full moonlight through a northern forest

the cloudless sky above suddenly turned cerulean grey

7 panels ea @ 30x24 in  |  76.2x61 cm

acrylic polymer mixed media on canvas


v. an unfamiliar lullaby replaced the beckoning

seven sirens sang the hymns of a mother

the sea inverted and replaced the sky but curiously i did not drown

vi. now among swaying kelp full of marine life undulating in patterned designs

parts of me detached and drifted away

seven pieces slowly consumed by seven windows

vii. until only my sight remained

i somehow knew i would be made whole again

but not now not in this place