"I am my memories and nothing at all."

I am interested in thought; how memory is recorded, stored and evolves; and, how those processes shape my understanding of the present. How does memory define and motivate my actions? What impact do new experiences have on the way I go about my daily life?

What is the truth and what is a lie.

For my purposes, I view memory as existing in six states within three categories:

Past               >     Personal + Cognitive



Genetic         >     Inherited + Unconscious

Communal     >    Relayed + Stored


Using this template as a starting point, each new piece in any series begins with a pre-conceived developed under-drawing that is quickly executed. Then, like an ancient Roman plastered wall it becomes aged, torn, scratched, broken, repaired, painted over, weathered, and re-purposed; each layer acting as an archaeological marker of what has come before... sometimes mirroring it, other times destroying it, until a deep history is born without contrivance.

Because of and in spite of this method, no work can be truly finished as additional stimuli from The Now may be infinitely added. I will continually re-work pieces until they are either taken off my hands or my hands are rendered incapable of tinkering.

"I am forever delightfully unsatisfied and eternally curious. A peddler of thoughts."

* * * * * * * * * *

A personal note: In the summer of 2017, I gathered up all my works on canvas still in my possession that I had created since 1994, removed them from their stretcher bars and burned them. A selection of works prior to 1994 can be seen HERE.